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PLEASE NOTE: Reunion merchandise is no longer available for pre-order via the website. However, a limited number of items will be available for purchase at the reunion and brunch while supplies last.

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Celebrate our 50 Years with Cool Benny '73 Merchandise

Yes, 50 years is something to be proud of - so why not celebrate our reunion with a cool hat, mug or visor branded with the school's coat of arms!

Whether you attend all, one or none of our weekend events, these beautiful and professionally designed goodies will be a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Each item is available in our school colors only as shown above; hats and visors are one size fits all. Buy one, buy all three (or buy as many as you'd like to give to your favorite Raven)!

Prices are as follows, inclusive of all taxes and fees:
  • Hats: $15 each
  • Mugs: $12 each
  • Visors: $20 each
Advance orders and payment for for all merchandise is September 16, 2023.

Orders placed after that date will be fulfilled as supplies last. A limited number MAY be available for purchase on the night of the reunion (but don't count it).

Purchases will be available for pickup on either the night of the reunion or at the brunch (depending on which event the purchaser is attending).

Those not attending either event may have their purchase(s) mailed to them for an extra charge. (The exact fee will be based on the number of items ordered and the delivery method used.)

To purchase some cool Benny Merch, please go to the "BUY TICKETS, MERCH" page or CLICK HERE!