September 29, 2018
7 days left
until our reunion.

YIKES! Has it really been 45 years already?

Yes it has, so let’s get together and celebrate the friendships we created way back when at Benny High — which many of us have built upon and continued to this day. Or how about reconnecting with or establishing new relationships with our fellow classmates?

Either way, our shared past unites us in a unique way; it’s something to be cherished. So let’s have some fun and party like we’re 18 again! (Or maybe not; some things are better left in the past!)

If you’ve never been to one of our past reunions, please don’t hesitate to join us this year; everyone is welcome. The bigger the turnout, the more fun we’ll have — and the better memories we’ll all create!

So how do you sign up for what promises to be one heck of an evening? As you’ll see on the next page, we’re once again utilizing social media and 21st-century technology to promote our reunion, take your reservations and process your payments Why? It’s quicker, easier and much cheaper for us, which allows us to keep our prices as low as possible.

But don’t delay: the deadline to reserve your seat(s) and submit your payment is Sept. 10!

Have a great spring and summer! And we look forward to seeing you this September!

Jody, John G, Kelly, Joyce, Ed, Bev, Stan,
Cheryl & Don


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