Our Memories

Back when we were planning our 40-year reunion, we asked our classmates (and teachers) the following question: What is the most vivid or special memory you have of your years at Benedictine? Here for the first time are the responses we received:


Tim Allen
Not for public discussion....will share details over a beer at the shindig.
Greg Bagnasco
Walking down to Fran & Jerry's for lunch.
Donald Calamia
Way too many to type here! But the majority of them are great!
Kathleen Carpenter
All my memories at BHS are anything but VIVID!!  I just get a warm glow when thinking of those years.  Love to all, Kathy.
Jerry Crawford
I can't say, I don't want to be arrested.
David Domzalski
Great friends of which I still enjoy their company today.
Liz Evans-Slovik
Bob Seger actually playing at high school sock hops!
Greg Geisler
Football & hockey games, hayrides, Fall Fest & homecoming floats (shout out to Larry C.!). Teachers that shaped my career path & thirst for knowledge; Sister Anne Patricia, Fr Arnold (The real Slim Shady. I still have “Da Ravens, Da Ravens of Ben-a-dic-a-tin high” stuck in my head), Fr Theo (His announcements? As riveting as the War of the Worlds broadcast.) The cafeteria food:  What was the name of that ground burger & gravy excellence served over a cloud of fluffy potatoes? Good times!
Bill Ginn
Sr. Betty taking us to Camp Dearborn in September 1971. I jumped into the lake fully clothed because it felt so good to be recovered from Mononucleosis. Escorting our queen Peggy to the Homecoming. My surprise 16th birthday party that many of you attended. Thank you Greg Bagnasco for keeping me away from home until the coast was clear. Playing folk music with Greg, Deni and Michele Zarza.
Richard Glanda
Being one of the youngest to graduate in the class - 17 years, 3 months! Also, played football and ran track.
Veronica Hanner
What great fun working on the yearbook!


Bill Hourigan
There were many special moments at Benny High, but the one that stuck out the most was winning the State Hockey title freshmen year. What a start! Also the church parking lot!
Judy Bohlen (Fornal) Kline
I grew up at Benedictine, even though I was a teacher! I turned 22 in November of my first year and left after my daughter Liz was born in October of 1974 when I was 26. My best memories were of my colleagues and most special French students, but there were others who stood out through the various clubs and teams I moderated. Looking forward to meeting and seeing many of you again!
Jan Kruszewski
I refuse to answer that question on the grounds I may incriminate myself.
Beverly Long
Worked. Retired. And now living the dream.
Deb Miesel
The funniest was when Kathy Carpenter and I had to give a presentation in History class, we thought we had until Monday. It was our class’s Friday to indulge (I won't elaborate). Anyway, the group before us was not prepared to give their presentation and so up to the front of the class we went. Everything was going well until I mispronounce a word ... Terry Mann was in the front row and started laughing...it was all over....Kathy and I cracked up and couldn't stop!!!  We gave our report Monday :)
Ray Miron
Who r u people & why r u bothering me?
Norman Nelson
My greatest memory is of our senior play (“Simple Joys Now and Then”).All the wonderful people involved in it and the lasting and profound effect it had on us all is still an important part of me. We also had great fund raisers: pancake breakfasts, car washes, candy sales…
Peggy Northcott-Schwartz
The football team asked me to bring a very large, light-weight cut out hand onto the field when they announced "Let’s give them a big hand." The trouble was the wind. I could not walk straight, almost left the ground. Funny to me now, not so much then.


Jim O'Connor
There are so many!  But the parking lot and the designated smoking area - at a Catholic School, no less!!  My kids still think I made it all up.
Edward O'Dea
I remember hitch hiking at the bus stop at Outer Drive and Schafer. I would either take the bus or hitch a ride to school, but usually students from Benedictine would pick me up and I met a lot of good friends that way.
John Patterson
Not having to take any religion classes; not Catholic. Therefore paid the big bucks to attend Benny.
Mary Pierce (Taylor)
Can you say “float?” This has always been such a great memory. Thinking back, it is remarkable that there was such organization in the float, the Ring Day breakfast etc. I smile when I think of the antics and am grateful for the ups and the downs, Benny, and you all taught me so much! Thank you for including me in your life.
Carol Ramaswamy (Borsa)
Spending time with wonderful friends!
JoAnne Robinson (Ham)
My most special memory is when our sophomore Latin class went to Italy and toured 7 cities!!
Joyce Schroth
There are so many that I don't have enough room to write! Off the Street coffee house (Bill Ginn & Greg Bagnasco), first place for homecoming floats 3 years in a row, The Roostertail, Fran and Jerry's, Pep Rallies and on and on. One of my fond memories was Interpretive Dance with teacher Sylvia. Thanks to her for pushing me that you can do anything. She taught me to always recognize improvement. Thank you, Sylvia!
Jennifer Sibole
Loved going to the football & hockey games (so sad about our football field)....parties in the school parking lots, cutting class & going to McDonald’s (my first Big Mac experience with Paul Nagrant!)  Asking Stan Osdras to the Sadie Hawkins dance & having him turn me down....playing softball and bowling league... But most of all it was the friendship that I still have today with many of you....we had a blast at Benny!  Love to all of you & hope to see you soon :-)


Deni Sinnott (Kociemba)
I remember when we went tobogganing and would basically wind up in a pile at the bottom of the hill...if we did that today we would come away all broken to pieces. I also remember when the principal, Mr. Keck asked student council to come to his office as he announced you could smoke in the courtyard...making it look like we had something to do with it. Still puzzles me to this day. Last memory: Peggy Kulling and me getting out of many, many religion classes to give a Bangladesh presentation.
Mike Southers
While I can't say I am exactly proud, I am still glad to say I still stay see occasionally Mike Willis Williams, Stan the Man Osdras, Jimmy Dr. Love O'Connor, Bill Morrison, and when he crawls out of his underground cave, Jay The Bird Shappee.
Camille Vettraino
Getting to know cast and crew around the production of “Godspell.” The best Homecoming floats. Sylvia Swindelhurst. All in all, being part of the most creative class ever to grace the halls.
Michael Wilder
Deni teaching me how to kiss. She complained I kissed as if I was kissing my grandmother. Going to hockey, basketball and football games. For such a small school we had a good string of wins. An English teacher who wore miniskirts and said we should only write short sentences because our writing sucks. My future teachers agreed that my writing sucks. Cleaning toilets as a janitor the year after I graduated and getting fired for trying to steal a chemistry scale for my pot sales. Long pseudo-intellectual talks with Rosie while Tootee was banging his girl in the backseat of my car. Being too stoned too often. Too much sitting in class being bored and too much detention hall. The freshmen dissidents who were expelled for insurrection. Looking at girls legs and having sexual fantasies. I had a crush on the French teacher. Except for when I was with Deni and Rosie I felt alienated much of the rest of the time, but then some us are by nature alien."