Class List

Following is a complete list of everyone who was part of the Great Class of 1973, whether it was for as little as one year or all four.

Of the 220 classmates, there are several dozen for whom we have no contact information; they were either never found, or we've lost track of them at some point over the last four decades. (They are noted as "missing" to the right of their names.) Also indicated are the more than a dozen classmates we know have passed away (noted as "deceased).

If you have any updates or corrections to this list, we would appreciate hearing from you. Simply send us an email with the appropriate information (including email, surface mail address and/or phone number) and we'll be happy to update our records accordingly.

Thanks for your assistance!

(Updated 6/23/23)

Don Abood    
Dave Adams   - MISSING
Tim Allen    
Gail Allman   - MISSING
Jeff Anderson    
Tom Andrews   - MISSING
Steve Applegate   - MISSING
Sharon Appleton    
Cheryl Asher    
Jerry Bacik    
Jim Badura   - DECEASED
Luann Bagazin   - DECEASED
Greg Bagnasco    
Joe Banas    
Veronica Barber    
Sarah Barron    
Ken Bednark    
Rick Bellware   - MISSING
John Bennett   - MISSING
Rosemary Bennett    
Mark Bernier   - DECEASED
Jim Bieniek    
Pat Bonenfant   - DECEASED
Carol Borsa    
Pat Broderick   - DECEASED
Mary Beth Brogan Philippart    
Maureen Burke   - MISSING
Pat Bussinger   - MISSING
Don Calamia    
Elia Capoccia   - MISSING
John Carlson    
Kathy Carpenter    
Marc Chambers    
David Chase   - MISSING
Mary Lynn Chencharick   - MISSING
Fran Cipielewski   - MISSING
John Clark   - MISSING
Larry Coccia    
Louie Cocuzza   - DECEASED
Mary Collrin   - DECEASED
Ron Conover   - MISSING
Karen Costello   - MISSING
Jerry Crawford    
Jeanne Crowe   - MISSING
Greg Culver    
Dave Daignault   - MISSING
Doug Daroczy   - MISSING
Sue Dean    
Dave Domzalski    
Rita D'Orazio    
Dan Dooley    
Dick Doremus    
Kathy Dunn   - MISSING
Mary Jo Dunning   - MISSING
Mark Eckler    
Ted Elwartowski    
Liz Evans    
Pat Feneck    
Jean Figley   - MISSING
Bob Firis   - MISSING
Jim Fitzpatrick    
Dan French    
Kathy Garcia    
Dan Gaule    
Greg Geisler    
Tom Germaine    
Bill George    
Michelle Gilginas   - DECEASED
Bill Ginn    
Richard Glanda    
Gary Glenn   - MISSING
Chris Glodowski    
Tom Graham    
Bill Griffore    
Clara Gross    
John Guidobono II    
Mary Hall    
Jo Anne Ham    
Dave Hamilton   - MISSING
Darrell Hanner   - MISSING
Sharon Hart   - DECEASED
Paul Holiday   - DECEASED?
Paul Horgan   - MISSING
Dennis Houlihan   - DECEASED
Bill Hourigan    
Jerry Hourigan   - MISSING
Nancy Houslander   - MISSING
James Howell   - MISSING
Jody Hrymak    
Peter Hughes    
Tom Hunt  
Stella Jabczenski    
Ann Marie Jacoboni    
Cathy Johnson   - MISSING
Brindey Jones   - MISSING
Ron Jones    
Debra Keefe   - MISSING
Mary Ann Kellogg   - MISSING
Bob Kelley    
Tom Kinney    
Cheryl Knight   - DECEASED
Denise Kociemba    
Cindy Kopczynski    
Dave Kopiczko    
Jan Kruszewski    
Peggy Kulling    
Glenn Kurkowski   - MISSING
Helen Lefevre    
Pula Lesondak    
Kathy Leto    
Tom Linahan   - MISSING
Liz Logue    
Beverly Long    
Mary Luther    
Tony Mainella   - DECEASED
Terri Mann   - DECEASED
Jim Manning   - MISSING
Mike Markham    
Tim McCurdy    
Tim McElhone   - DECEASED
Barb McEvoy    
Marilyn McGloughlin   - MISSING
Jim McGraw    
Jerry McLean   - MISSING
Mike McReynolds    
Tom Mecili   - MISSING
Chris Mellas   - MISSING
Debby Miesel    
Nancy Ming    
John Miron    
Ray Miron    
Karen Mogentale    
Dave Montana    
Mary Moore    
Bill Morrison    
Mike Moylan    
Tim Naylon   - MISSING
Tim Neaton    
Norm Nelson    
Chris Neville    
Rita Newton    
Phil Nolan   - MISSING
Mary Lou Nold    
Peggy Northcott    
Vicki Nowinski    
Patrick O'Brian   - MISSING
Jim O'Connor    
Ed O'Dea    
Greg Olson    
Christine O'Rourke   - MISSING
Stan Osdras    
Kathy O'Sullivan   - MISSING
Rosario Paredes   - MISSING
John Patterson    
Bob Pelc    
Don Perkins    
Larry Perkovich    
Matin Phelan    
Mike Philippart   - DECEASED
Chris Pietrzyk   - MISSING
Tom Pollard   - MISSING
Bob Porter   - DECEASED
Lori Radovic    
Kelly Ramsey    
Kevin Raskowski    
Chris Reo    
Al Roehrig    
Michele Rogers   - MISSING
Michele Roman    
Bill Romancyia   - MISSING
Tom Rugenski    
Ernie Sartori   - MISSING
Bob Sauve    
Joyce Schroth    
Jay Shappee    
Gary Sheckell    
Kathy Sheehan    
Pete Shimshock    
Jennifer Sibole    
Val Smith   - MISSING
Frank Sobie    
Sheri Songer   - MISSING
Mike Southers    
Jeff Squires    
Rossanne Stackhouse    
Mary Stackpoole    
Cordell Staples   - MISSING
Kirk Stump    
Bill Stusick   - DECEASED
Paul Suffolk    
Mary Taylor    
Bob Teagan    
Mike Theiring   - MISSING
Christine Tiseo   - DECEASED
Mary Lou Torgerson    
Tony Vaillancourt    
Brad Vargo    
Tom Varty    
Camille Vettraino    
Pete Vranesevich    
Cindy Wade   - DECEASED
Kevin Welch    
George White   - MISSING
Mike Wilder    
Kevin Williams   - MISSING
Mike Williams    
Darlene Wilson   - MISSING
John Wilson    
Ray Wise    
Cheryl Wizinsky    
Daryl Woloszyk    
John Wren    
Bob Wroblewski    
Bob Wysocki    
Tom Yancy   - DECEASED
Jim Yudasz   - DECEASED
Jim Zagar    
Debbie Zarb   - DECEASED
Michele Zarza    
Greg Zurawski